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Welcome to the department of Organisational and Social Psychology.


The department exists to assist social institutions and organisations deal with management issues concerning Human resources Management and Organisational development basing on the industrial/Organisational Psychology perspectives.

The department of Organisational and Social Psychology and its staff work hand in hand with its students to deliver the best of the academic programmes it offers and prepares its students to be the best. Read more about the deparment....



  • Professionalism.
  • Quality Service Orientation.
  • Team Work.
  • Research Orientation.
  • Intellectual Autonomy.
  • Market Resilience.

The department offers two programmes which are the Bachelors' of Industrial and Organisational Psychology (BIOP) and Masters of Organisational Psychology. Read more....

The great staff members of the department which include the Head of department, the lecturers , Assistant lecturers and the secretary work hard to ensure that the academic goals are achieved and the best is delivered to the students. View the staff members here....

The department is headed by Prof Peter K. Baguma. To read more about the head of department click here.