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The Institute of Psychology besides the academic programmes also offers the following facilities to both teaching,non-teaching and the students community;

(c) The Institute Book Bank

The book bank was initially a library but due to university policies it was later turned into a book bank with several collections of materials for all the three departments of the Institute i.e Mental health and Community psychology, Organizational and Social schology and the OutReach Deparment.

The book bank serves basically the students and staff members of the Institute. Given the current technology, various students from other faculties that may have colerations with the Institute yet with Psychology related programs also access the book bank.


The students do use their user cards and valid University IDs for borrowing books from the book bank.

A collection for the three departments comprises of both the text books,journals as well as the old newspapers for research purposes.

The Institute also caters for students with disabilities for those students under the department of mental Health and Community psychology, there are DVDs and tapes for the blind where they are taught by playing it and the sound through the sound systems enables them to listen and understand.

The book bank has a wide range of both undergraduate and post graduate desertitations, reference books like the quorans and bibles and research publications.

Some Internet cables are also available for those students who wish to research by use of the Internet.

The Book bank operates from Monday to Saturday

Programs are underway to enter the book bank collections into the makerere University Virtual System to promote easy accessibility for both students and staff members within and outside the University.

                                        MORNING               AFTERNOON
MONDAY – FRIDAY    8:00am-12:30pm        2:00pm-5:30pm
SATURDAY                    9:00am-12:00pm        2:00pm-4:00pm

(d) The Computer Lab

The Institute of Psychology also has a few computers where students can use for their academic work. The students can use them during normal working time for research,course works and study purposes from time to time.

The Institute computer lab is located under the OutReach department.

These computers are only limited to Institute of Psychology students and staff members who wish to use them for work.