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About courses offered at the department of Mental Health and Community Psychology.

Bachelor of Mental Health and Community Psychology

The Bachelors' programme is a 3 years programme that aims to provide the students with fundermental principles and skills related to people. Each academic year consists of two semesters. In each semester the students are introduced to new courses which they are expected to cover. Read more....

Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

This is a two academic years programme that is desidned to help students acquire theoretical base and practical experience for individual assessment, development of individual, change management and competence based humanresources management. Read more...

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

This is a two years academic programme.It is intended to address specific issues in society with special emphasis on basic skills in handling a wide range of human problems. It adds a professional component through the understanding of human problems and provision of basic skills to students. Read more...

Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling (PDC).
This is a one academic year programme. Due to specters such as HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, marital problems, increasing numbers of orphans and refugees, financial crisis, redundancy and unemployment; counsellors must be readily accessible and well trained to assist people with the complex problems they face.Read more...