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  Research Themes
The Institute of Psychology carries out a widevariety of research projects. The following research themes are carried out by the students especially during their final years as research projects/desertations.
Name of Supervisor Reseach Themes
1.Mr.Paul Nyende
  • stress
  • Sexual harassment
  • Family enviroment and adolescent sexual adjustment
  • Psychological empowerment and voluteerism
  • Depression
2.Mr.Leon Matagi
  • Occupation/work attitudes
  • Withdraw behaviour/intentions
  • Gender issues
  • Culture
3.Mr.Simon Kizito
  • Positive psychology
  • Loss and grief in children and adolescence
  • Marital satisfication
  • Psychological well being and emotional inteligence
  • Childhood problems
4.Mr.Patrick Mwase
  • Family back ground and academic performance
  • CHild abuse and neglect
  • Adolescent risky behaviour
  • delinquence
  • Family/domestic violence
  • Premarital sex behaviours
5.Mr.Mayanja Kajumba
  • Mental illness and crime
  • Psychology and criminal investigation
  • Depression and sucide
  • the impact of traumatic events,war, torture.rape etc
  • Family conflicts and psychological destress
  • Sexual deviations; prostitution,homosexuality,incest and defilement .
  • Psychological distress and progression of terminal illness, AIDSand cancer
6.Mr.Simon Natamu
  • Emotional inteligence
  • Work attutides/behaviour
  • Individualism and collectivism
  • Common property resources management
  • Spiritual,stress,depression,and life satisfication

Intitutions,power,distance,self and public interests

7.Ms.Gava Sarah
  • AIDS
  • Cross cultural issues
  • Personality
  • Accountability
  • Knowledge management
  • Organisational behaviours
  • Compensation and rewards
8.Ms.Nansubuga Florence
  • Organisations and their influence on behaviour
  • Organisational structure and communication
  • Social capital
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Work place design
  • Performance management

However, students with other related research areas of interest are normally encoraged to see any supervisor for streamlining.