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The Outreach department invites applicants for the following specialized short term certificate course programmes to be run during recess semester(July-September)

  • Trauma Counseling
  • Workplace Counseling
  • Stress & Stress management
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation management
  • Coaching and empowerment
  • Computer assisted qualitative data analysis using N Nvivo(Basic and Advanced levels)
  • Computence based job evaluation
  • Personnel selection/recruitment using computence based tools
  • Performance management using computence based tools.

For more details,contact the Department secretary on

Disabled meeting

so soon.

Registraions for both new and continuing students begins as soon as the semester and lasts for approximately for four weeks. Failure to register, they lead to several consequences suchas;

Waste of time for class work &

Refusal to sit for exams.


Updates & Events

Freshers' week 15th August to 22nd August

Freshers admitted to undertake courses in the Institute of Psychology are most welcome and they are advised to read very carefully and understand the University regulations,rules governing registration and observing self-discipline. The students are advised to follow the rules and regulations so as to have a productive life at the University.

The Institute exercises zero tolerance on indiscipline but instead encourages the spirit of dialogue and consultaion.

The University has facilities like, the University Hospital,Library,games and sports facilities which are availiable to all students in the University. The Institute encourages its students to use those facilities effectively and efficiently.

The Institute of Psychology encourages its newly admitted students to participate in sports and excel in anything they do.

Paricipating in unauthorized activities on campus like strikes, riots and demonstrations is criminal.

The students are advised to use the Institute notice board for communication.

The Institute encourages students to attend to their studies very seriously and to meet the university obligations such as paying fees on time.

Students especially new ones are advised to avoid strangers to their residences and should keep their property safely.

Avoid con-men and con-women and do not become like them.